1st Place: Ariel Minelli, Marie Masur, Ruth Abe, Ann Marie Foster.

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BLBC Victoria Day Jitney, May 23, 2016

2nd Place:
Fred Alcock, Charlie Lyle, Laurel Grace, Dorothy McIntyre.

3rd Place (tie):
Evan Bingley, Jim MacRae, Mary Wootton.

3rd Place (tie):
Robert Dolmer, Patricia Brambilla, Margaret Beacroft, Chris Clark.

4th Place:
Jim McIntyre, Myrna Wilkinson, Agnes Davis,
Eleanor Shugan, Irene I'Anson.
There were 98 bowlers and 110 people for lunch!
We'd also like to thank the 15 volunteers who made this holiday jitney possible.

Pictured with drawmaster Hans Leonhardt, our thanks to our sponsor Hans Jenelle Knowles of KNOWLES & ASSOCIATES, Massage Therapy Clinic, 720 Guelph Line, Burlington. 905-333-4713. With her sponsorship we had $300 in prize money to award the top five finishers.

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