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BLBC Greens Restoration Program, November Report       

Greens Restoration Report #2, November, 2015

NOV. 15: The prolonged good weather through October and into November has been extremely beneficial for greens manager Charlie Roach and his small dedicated team of volunteers as they continue with the greens restoration activities at BLBC. While most of the heavy lifting work was completed in the first few weeks after the club closed (covered in the October Report), the more labour-intensive work then commenced.

Focus has centred on the restoration of the sandy areas around the greens perimeter and in some central green locations, and to the large amount of black algae that had appeared in the greens. Different approaches are taking place, with new sod been laid around the green perimeters and in some of those particularly bad sandy spots in the central areas of the greens.

While in other areas, re-plugging using perimeter greens grass has proved beneficial. This process involves taking a core plug out in a black algae area and replacing it using a good core grass plug from the perimeter of the green.


1. very damaged black algae area.

2. algae core removal.

3. damaged area ready for good grass plug.

4. good grass selected for new core.

5. core plug taken from good grass.

6. good core removed from perimeter.

7. good core inserted into the previous algae area.

In smaller algae areas, the process involved removing the black algae and then top dressing and re-seeding the area. As the grass seed is so small and light, Charlie has found that dispersing it was best applied using a salt-shaker!

Further to these labour-intensive activities, both greens were recently deep solid-tine aerated. This machine drills a 9-inch solid spike (tine) into the green creating an aeration hole only and it does not remove a grass plug, as was done in early October.

This type of deep solid-tine aeration will allow for irrigation intervals to be lengthened, fertilizer applications will last longer, and more oxygen will be introduced into the soil, allowing for better growth. This will definitely help the overall state of both greens come spring 2016.

The result from the soil sample analysis was recently received, and the provided recommendations map perfectly to the work already undertaken and planned by Charlie & his team. In addition, the sprinkler system's faulty pump valve was successfully replaced, and sprinkler system adjustments, together with the draining of the system, are in hand allowing for the system to be shut down for the winter.

A fall fertilization and a lime dressing were applied to both greens this past week and the final activity was to apply a top dressing and then using a rigid drag-leveling procedure to help spread and level the dressing across the greens. This will help to keep the playing surfaces level after all the hard work that has been done on the greens to date.

The top dressing and rigid drag activity was done in a North to South direction, and in the Spring 2016, the same procedure will be done in an East-to West direction.

Story and photos by Doug Brolly, BLBC Tournament Director for 2016.


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