O.B.A. Past Singles Winners

In 1886, 132 years ago, eight menís fours teams traveled from as far away as Toronto to participate in a tournament held in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. The N.O.T.L. LBC had been founded nine years earlier in 1877 and remains one of the oldest clubs in Canada. Ten teams participated in 1887, and twelve teams were gathered for the 1888 event.

It was at this time the assembled teams decided they should form an association which they named the Ontario Bowls Association and decided to designate their tournament the O.B.A. Tournament in 1889.

The tournament moved around over the years and settled in Hamilton Roselawn in or around 1925. This was the year that the Roselawn Club of Hamilton was built, boasting two full-sized greens (The first official-sized greens in Canada).

Just five years later, the 1st ever British Empire Games were staged in Hamilton, and the lawn bowling event was hosted by the Roselawn Club in 1930.

The O.B.A. Tournament may, indeed, be the oldest continuously run lawn bowls tournament in the World.

Keep in mind that the first Scottish Championships were not held until 1894, and the first English Championships not until 1905.

In recent years the tournament had mainly been a ladies/mixed pairs affair held at Roselawn. The Open Singles began again in 2004 and was held at Churchill Fields from 2004 to 2007 until the clubís closing. This left the Burlington Lawn Bowling Club and VSM Abrasives to carry the gauntlet forward, and put the O.B.A. OPEN SINGLES back in the limelight. After 10 years of George Wilson acting as the major sponsor, Colby Trust has now taken the helm as our prime backer for the 131st, Annual OBA Open Singles.

"Good bowling, and may lady luck smile upon you!" Dave Burrows, Burlington LBC.

First Commonwealth Games played at Roselawn LBC, Hamilton, 1930.


O.B.A. Past Singles Winners

1929  Dr. A.E. Walkey,  Hamilton Argyle

Ashplant Trophy

1930  Dr. A.E. Walkey,  Hamilton Argyle

1938  R. Bunton,  Hamilton Roselawn

1939 - 1948  No reports

1949  H. Tufford,  Beamsville

1950  J. Hannah,  Hamilton Fernleigh

1951  W.H. Collins,  Hamilton Argyle

1952  R. Schmidt,  Hamilton Calvary

1953  F. J. McQueen,  Hamilton Fernleigh

1954  Dr. A.E. Walkey,  Hamilton Argyle

1955  Neil Salkeld,  Caledonia

1956  D. Witmar,  Hamilton Victoria

1957  Jack Livingstone,  Aldershot

1958  W. McQueen,  Hamilton Fernleigh

1959  John Jones,  Hamilton Roselawn

1960  Norm Pomfret,  Ontario Hospital

1961  J. C. McArthur,  Oakville

1962- 2003  Not Held

2004  Lock Morgan,  Ancaster

2005  Peter Clarke,  Hamilton Churchill Fields

2006  Lock Morgan,  Ancaster

2007  Charlie Lyle,  Mount Hamilton

2008  Not held

2009  Steve McKerihen,  Etobicoke

2010  Frank Dinardo,  Brampton

2011  Bob Bester,  Hanover

2012  Kevin Jones,  London Elmwood

2013  Greg Wilson,  Burlington

2014  David Llewellyn,  Markham.

2015  Jeff Harding,  Etobicoke.

2016  Shirley Ko, Agincourt (first female winner).

2017  Ryan Stadnyk, Niagara Falls.

2018  Glen Patton, Brampton.


Lawn Bowling at the Brant House, Burlington, Ontario, 1912.