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NOTE: 2015 Burlington Tournaments: our tournament director, Evan Bingley
will start taking Entries for the 2015 season on Thursday, January 1, 2015.
Please send her the entries via email at evan.bingley@bell.net . 

--   MENS FOURS INVITATIONAL   --     Sunday, May 18, 2014   --
sponsored by Dan Noonan of Argosy Securities Inc.

photo courtesy Michael Spadafora, Talking Bowls in Canada.
    1st prize: Ron Wood, Brian McCartney(s), Doug Hoskin, Chuck Townsend. (London & Ottawa) 3 Wins, 48 pts plus 1.
    2nd prize: Andy Watson, Al Purcell, Wayne Wallwork(s), Rick Matthews. (Oshawa) 3 Wins, 48 pts.
    3rd prize: Charlie Roach, George Menzies, Derek Barker, Dave Ball(s). (Burlington) 3 Wins, 46 pts.
    4th prize: Gord Legacy(s), Steven Miller, Martin Foxhall, David Llewellyn. (Markham) 3 Wins, 43 pts.



 DUKE & DUCHESS  --  Sunday, June 1  --  MIXED PAIRS
sponsored by Speedy Muffler

photo courtesy John Moore, BLBC.
    1st prize: Sharon Jeffrey, Rodger Thompson (Willowdale) 3 Wins, 41 pts plus 2.
    2nd prize: Kay Johns, Brad Fleming (Clinton) 3 Wins, 40 pts.
    3rd prize: Jan Bauer, Richard Burrows (Willowdale) 3 Wins, 37 pts.
    4th prize: Pat Bylok, Bob Bates (Cosburn Park) 3 Wins, 37 pts.


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 126th O.B.A. Open Singles  --   June 20, 2014   --  OPEN SINGLES
sponsored by VSM Abrasives

Winner David Llewellyn with semi-finalist Kody Olthof

photo courtesy Michael Spadafora, Talking Bowls in Canada

    1st prize: David Llewellyn $500.
    2nd prize: Glen Patton $200. (Championship Final Runner-Up)
    3rd place: Kody Olthof & Nic Van Weesel (tie, due to lateness)
    A Flight: Laura Seed & Shirley Ko (tie). Also co-winners of the Donna Kalaher Award for top female singles bowler.
    B Flight Champion: Steve Nelson (runner-up James Covell)
    C Flight Champion: Tom Hoffman & Mike Wagner (tie)
    D Flight Champion: Lorene Jones & Michael Briks (tie).

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sponsored by Smith's Funeral Home


Winners with sponsor Bryan McFarland of Smith's Funeral Home
    1st prize: Shirley Ko, Tran Lan (Agincourt) 3 Wins, 54 pts plus 8. "El Perfecto!"
    2nd prize: Carole-Anne Ball, David Ball (Burlington) 3 Wins, 42 pts.
    3rd prize: Mona Li, Stanley Ho (Agincourt) 3 Wins, 41 pts.
    4th prize: Wendy Buick, Jim Gilmour (Burlington) 3 Wins, 33 pts.


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sponsored by Friends of Bob Saunders


Freda Gersok and Ernie Gersok. Photo courtesy John Moore.
    1st prize: Freda Gersok, Ernie Gersok (Burlington) 3 Wins, 52 pts. plus 4.
    2nd prize: Charlie Lyle, Margaret Beacroft (Burlington) 3 Wins, 46 pts.
    3rd prize: Jeniffer Scott, Fisher Scott (London) 3 Wins, 42 pts. plus 5.
    4th prize: Pat Kostecki, Mary Wesko (Burlington) 3 Wins, 38 pts.


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4th Annual TEAM PURPLE Tournament  --  Sunday, August 24, 2014

sponsored by Liz Jenkins & Remi Canuel 

One Entry consists of two teams: Men's Triples & Women's Triples. Combined Scores.

Winners: Dave Bell, Frank Francella, Rusty Ruggles with
    Wendy English, Maureen Francella, Elaine Semple: 3 Wins, 89 points.

    2nd prize: Ken Taylor, Steve Scheknecht, Murray Taylor & Christine Scheknecht, Cindy Taylor, Jean McCron: 3 wins, 87 pts.
    3rd prize: Frank Pring, Lock Morgan, Dennis Ward with Laura Ritchie, Marj Kells, Anne Harris: 2 Wins, 86 pts. plus 4.
    4th prize: Frank Dinardo, Joe Murphy, Andy Watson with Chris Wild, Evelyn Freer, Monica Rooke: 2 Wins, 85 pts. plus 9.
    5th prize: John Moore, Vern Lessard, Ian Roxburgh with Tina O'Brien, Irene I'Anson, Tina Lemon: 1 Win, 67 pts. aggregate.
    Best Purple Uniform (Women): Joyce Anderson, Maureen Donaldson, Liz Dawson (Burlington).
    Best Purple Uniform (Men): Rick Sandilands, Dave Crowe, Bob Marshall (Dundas).


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 JOHN HAGGO AUSTRALIAN PAIRS  --  Sunday, August 31, 2014  --  MEN'S PAIRS
sponsored by Pearl & Pine, Retirement by Signature


Photo courtesy Michael Spadafora, Talking Bowls in Canada
    1st prize: Michael Bester (skip), "PBA" Bob Bester, (Hanover) 3 Wins, 51 pts. plus 5.
    2nd prize: David Llewellyn, Martin Foxhall (skip) (Stouffville) 3 Wins, 46 pts. with 30 against.
    3rd prize: Barry Parker, Colin Thomson (skip) (Heritage Greens LBC) 3 Wins, 46 pts. with 33 against.
    4th prize: Jake Schuknecht, Steve Schuknecht (skip) (Chesley) 3 Wins, 43 pts.


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 THE MASTERS  --  Friday, October 3, 2014  --  MT/WT
sponsored by First Class Home Care Inc.


Winners Bob Pring, Marion Freeborn and Ken Maitland of BLBC. Photo courtesy John Moore.
    Note: Due to inclement weather, play was suspended after two games. Ranking of winners with 2 Wins:
    1st place: Bob Pring, Ken Maitland, Marion Freeborn (Burlington): 33 points plus 6.
    2nd place: Charlie Roach, Ruby DuFeu, Donna McFadden (Burlington): 33 pts. plus 4.
    3rd place: Joe Murphy, Hazel Reid, Ken Simpson (Heritage Greens): 32 pts.
    4th place: Roy Richardson, Bill Emond, Janice Richardson (Oakville): 24 pts.
    5th place: Christine Wilde, Monica Rooke, Sheila Lumley (Brampton): 22 pts., 16 against.
    6th place: Sylvia Smith, David Smith, Walter Anderson (Burlington): 22 pts., 19 against.
    7th place: Barry Parker, Peter Kurn, Lesley Kurn (Heritage Greens): 20 pts.


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 UPS TURKEY BOWL  --  Sunday, September 14, 2014  --  MP/WP
sponsored by UPS Burlington


Winners Ron Larking and Cathy Larking of Cosburn Park LBC. Photo courtesy Bill McCready.
    1st prize: Cathy Larking and Ron Larking (Cosburn Park): 3 Wins, 47 pts. plus 2.
    2nd prize: Maureen Francella and Frank Francella (Hagersville): 3 Wins, 46 pts. plus 3.
    3rd prize: Margaret Beacroft and Charlie Lyle (Burlington): 3 Wins, 42 pts. plus 2.
    4th prize: Jan McLean (St. George) and Remi Canuel (Burlington): 3 Wins, 36 pts.


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 BRIKS MIXED TRIPLES  --  Sunday, September 14, 2014  --  with NOVICE LEAD
sponsored by Briks Counselling and EAP Services


Winners Vince Donohoe, Chrystal Shephard and Brian Rousie of James Gardens LBC. Photo courtesy Bill McCready.
   1st prize: Brian Rousie (novice lead), Chrystal Shephard, skip Vince Donohoe (Toronto): 3 Wins, 49 pts. plus 3.
   2nd prize: Sandra Brown (novice lead), Carman Morris (Hagersville), skip Remi Canuel (Burlington): 3 Wins, 44 pts.
   3rd prize: Mary Wesko (novice lead), Shirley Vidler, skip Frank Pring (Caledonia): 3 Wins, 42 pts. plus 3.
   4th prize: Maureen Gibb (novice lead), Wendy Buick, skip Charlie Lyle (Burlington): 3 Wins, 35 pts.


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