Tournament        Results 2013

NOTE: 2014 Burlington Tournaments: our tournament director, Evan Bingley
will start taking Entries for the 2014 season on Wednesday, January 1, 2014.
Please send her the entries via email at . 

June 1 MP June 21 OS July 7 WP/MP Sept. 27 MT/WT with Novice Aug. 15 WP/MP

Aug. 25 2XWT/T Sept. 1 P Sept. 6 WT/T 70 plus Sept. 15 WP/MP

Entries will be confirmed, by telephone, about a week before the tournament.
Cancellation due to inclement weather will be by email before 7:15 a.m. the day of the tournament.
Start Time 10 a.m. unless noted. Updated November 20.

EDWARD JONES INVESTMENTS  --  Sunday, May 19, 2013
    1st prize: Jim Butler, Wayne Wallwork (s), Al Purcell, Andy Caldwell. Oshawa. 3 Wins, 53 pts.
    2nd prize: Michael Spadafora, John Bush, Bill Falconer, Jim Lepere (s). Niagara. 3 Wins, 52 pts.
    3rd prize: Remi Canuel, John Hunter, Darryl Fitzgerald, Malcolm Whyte (s). Burlington. 3 Wins, 45 pts.


 DUKE & DUCHESS  --  Sunday, June 2  --  MIXED PAIRS
sponsored by Speedy Muffler
    1st prize: Frank Pring, Shirley Vidler
    2nd prize: Richard Burrows, Jackie Hogan
    3rd prize: Michael Briks, Liz Dawson
    4th prize: Brad Fleming, Kay Johns

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 125th O.B.A. Open Singles  --  Friday, June 21  --  OPEN SINGLES
sponsored by VSM Abrasives
    1st prize: Greg Wilson, $500. 6 wins, 0 loss.   Final Runner Up: Laura Seed. 5 wins, 1 loss.
    5-Game Winners with 1 Loss
    Consolation Final (3rd place): Ali Forsythe, New Zealand defeated Ryan Stadnyk, Niagara.
    * Chris Stadnyk, Niagara defeated Kevin Jones, Fairmont LBC.
    * John Bezear, Fairmont LBC defeated Mark Sandford, Burlington.
    * Joan Way, Burlington defeated Mike McNorton, Heritage Greens LBC.
    * Mike Wagner, Heritage Greens LBC defeated Ernie Gersok, Burlington.
    * Bob Findlay, NOTL LBC defeated Nic Van Weesel, Burlington.

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sponsored by Smith's Funeral Home
    1st prize:  Margaret Beacroft and Charlie Lyle (s) (Burlington), 3 Wins, 47 points plus 1.
    2nd prize: George Menzies and Shirley Vidler (Burlington), 3 Wins , 41 points plus 5.
    3rd prize:  Monica Rooke and Lorna Hollran (Brampton), 3 Wins, 38 points.

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 Friday, Sept. 27  --  MIXED TRIPLES/WOMENS TRIPLES with Novice Lead
sponsored by Briks Counselling and EAP Services
Originally scheduled for July 19, but due to extreme heat, postponed to Sept. 27.

    1st prize:  Tom Gwinnett (novice), Bruce Smith (s), Linda Smith. 3 Wins with perfect score of 54 pts plus 9
    2nd prize: Carmen Morris (n), Maureen Francella, Frank Francella. 3 Wins, 44 pts plus 2.
    3rd prize:  Ernie Kuril (n), Al Price, June Pinkney. 3 Wins, 43 pts plus 4.
    4th prize:  Doug Smithson (n), Ruby DeFeu, George Menzies. 3 Wins, 42 pts.

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sponsored by Friends of Bob Saunders
    1st prize:   Freda Gersok and Ernie Gersok
    2nd prize:  Margaret Beacroft and Charlie Lyle
    3rd prize:   Kelly McKerihen and Steve McKerihen
    4th prize:   Rosemarie Small and Neville Robson

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 TEAM PURPLE  --  Sunday, August 25  --  T & WT.
One Entry consists of two teams: Men's Triples & Women's Triples. Combined Scores

sponsored by Liz Jenkins & Remi Canuel
1st prize: 3 Wins, 96 pts. plus 22.
Bob Armstrong, Ernie Gersok, Peter Clarke with Marie Masur, Roberta Johnston, Nancy Hewer.

 2nd prize: 3 Wins, 67 pts.
Ken Larking, Ron Larking, Bob Bates with Helen Riley, Pat Bylok, Cathy Larking.
3rd prize: 2 Wins, 79 pts.
Jim Gilmour, Charlie Lyle, Bruce Smith with Linda Smith, Dawn Beacroft, Marg Beacroft.
 4th prize: 2 Wins, 75 pts.
George Menzies, Larry Anderson, Gary Whyte with Liz Dawson, Linda Simpson, Joyce Anderson.
5th prize: 1 Win, 71 pts (3 game aggregate).
Charlie Adrian, Lock Morgan, Frank Pring with Anne Harris, Marj Kells, Freda Gresok.

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sponsored by Signature Retirement Living
Shukey and Olderhozer win the 2013 Haggo Aussie Pairs!
1st prize: 3 Wins, 58 pts. plus 6.
Jake "The Snake" Schuknecht and Kody "5.9" Olthof.

 2nd prize: 3 Wins, 55 pts. plus 5.
Michael Spadafora and Ryan "Wolverine" Stadnyk.
3rd prize: 3 Wins, 55 pts.
Ian "Sparky" MacPherson and Remi Canuel.
 4th prize: 3 Wins, 47 pts. plus 2.
Andy Paton and Greg Wilson.

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 DALES BOWLS - THE MASTERS  --  Friday, September 6  --  WT/T -- 70 Years Plus
sponsored by Dales Bowls

  1st prize: Joyce Pearce, Neville Robson, Kathy Smith. (won on plus points!)
  2nd prize: John Hunter, Mary Meldrum, Alex Graham
  3rd prize: George Menzies, Donna McFadden, Brian Donohue
  4th prize: Frank Dinardo, Shirley Vidler, Julia Farrell

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 UPS TURKEY BOWL  --  Sunday, September 15  --  WP/MP
sponsored by UPS Burlington

  1st prize: Maureen Francella, Frank Francella. 3 Wins, 51 pts. plus 2.
  2nd prize: Donna McFadden, George Menzies, 3 Wins, 41 pts.
  3rd prize: Roberta Johnston, Peter Clarke, 3 Wins, 40 pts.
  4th prize: Tony Farrell, Marg Beacroft, 3 Wins, 31 pts.

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