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Burlington Lawn Bowling Club - Since 1971       

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What’s the best way to get started into lawn bowling?

A: Drop by the club or call us! (905-333-5622). We’ll introduce you to the game in one of our weekly training sessions. In mid-May, we hold a full week of introductory bowling and training. In 2015, our Open House Week runs from May 2 to 8. Come on out!

Q: Do I have to form a team to get into a game?

Not at all! We have drawmasters who make up the games for open bowling or jitneys, according to whoever shows up to play. You meet new bowlers every time out. Tournaments are different: You will often be asked to play on a team by a skip … but only if you let the drawmaster know that you would like to bowl.

Q: Does my membership entitle me to bowl at other clubs?

A: Yes … anywhere in the world! However, you are their guest, and must first find out when you are welcome and on what terms. Most have open bowling, jitneys and tournaments as we do.

Q: Do I have to volunteer to sustain my membership?

A: It’s not a formal condition … but surely you will want to! We are totally self-sustaining. All of our work on the greens, in the kitchen, in the clubhouse, doing the administration, is done by our members. Really, it’s part of the fun and fabric of the Club, and how you get to know people!

Q: Who can I call or contact for other questions?

A: Mary Wesko (Club President) at 905-315-7837 or mary.wesko@gmail.com
(See the Contact Us link for other officers or chairpersons)

This is our 45th season and we're stronger than ever!


Burlington Lawn Bowling Club
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