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November 22, 2014: Town Hall Meeting:
A very good turnout Saturday morning for Burlington LBC’s first-ever Town Hall-style Meeting. We packed the Port Nelson room at the Senior Centre and a lively 2-hour plus meeting with plenty of informative debate covering at least a dozen topics transpired.
Among the items that received consensus:
1) BLBC is doing a poor job at recruiting new members and judging by our high turnover rate of new members, we are not doing enough to retain them.
2) BLBC’s internal communication (between members and between the board and the members) can be drastically improved. Members told members of the board never to leave them in the dark again, citing the secrecy of the hosting the 2015 Canadians and the decision to hike membership fees to $175 as examples.
3) BLBC’s communication to the community outside of bowling is nearly non existent. We need to have a committee devoted to external communication.
4) Members were in favour of having a more-detailed financial statement where all of the big-ticket expenditures are itemized on the treasurer’s report.
5) Make the game FUN again. Lately it's been way too serious.
It’s hoped the 2nd Town Hall will be held next spring right after the Spring General Meeting.


October 6, 2014: BLBC's new Executive and Board of Directors.
Effective immediately after the Oct. 6 Fall General Meeting
Note: no elections were required as there were no more than one candidate nominated for each post.

President: Mary Wesko.
Vice President: Freda Gersok.
Secretary: Trevor Colby.
Treasurer: Robert Risidore.
Director A: Rodger Carey.
Director B: Shirley Vidler.
Past President: Peter Clarke.

Bar: Fred Alcock.
Building & Property: Walter Anderson.
Club Championships: Doug Brusey.
Coaching: Dave Burrows.
Greens: George Wilson.
Indoor Bowling: Lorraine Negus.
Membership: Carol Risidore.
Social: Phyllis Donohue.
Tournaments: Evan Bingley.

Ad Hoc Chairs:
Accounting: Jim Hallam.
District 5 Men: George Menzies & Al Price.
District 5 Women: Margaret Morrison & Pat Pring.
Handbook: Lorraine Negus.
Landscaping: Sylvia Heywood.
Maintenance & Repair: Al Heywood.
Newsletter: Joan Deutscher.
Novices & Newcomers: Bruce Smith.
Photo Album: Bill McCready.
Publicity: John Gibb & Maureen Gibb.
Sick & Visiting: Irene I’Anson.
Sponsorship: Dave Burrows.


September 13, 2014: Club Championships - Men's Novice Singles (10 teams).
Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre. Format: 3 X 12 ends games with 3-game winners playing-off.

Champion - Patrick Côte: 3 Wins, 41 points plus 1.
2nd Place - Brian Taillieu: 2 Wins, 33 pts.
3rd Place - Brian Donohue: 2 Wins, 31 pts.
4th Place - Walter Bilous: 1 Win, 34 pts.

Drawmaster Doug Brusey with Patrick Côte.

September 13, 2014: Club Championships - Women's Novice Singles (8 teams).
Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre. Format: 3 X 12 ends games with 3-game winners playing-off.

Champion - Maureen Gibb: 3 Wins, 41 points.
2nd Place - Mary Wesko: 2 Wins, 39 pts.
3rd Place - Bailey Webster: 1 Win, 33 pts.
4th Place - Chris Clark & Evelyn Wilshaw: tied with 1 Win 29 pts. plus 2 and 20 pts. against.

Maureen Gibb with drawmaster Doug Brusey.

September 10, 2014: At the BLBC Board meeting on Monday evening, the board decided to increase the outdoor and indoor bowling fees by $15. This is the first increase since 2005. Membership Fees for Outdoor Bowling will be $175 in 2015, and the Indoor bowling fees will be $100 starting October 20, 2014.

September 9, 2014: The Masters Tournament has been rescheduled for Friday, October 3 (10 a.m.). Tournament Director Evan Bingley will contact the entries. This tournament (WT/T, 70 years plus) was postponed Friday, Sept. 5 due to high heat and humidity.

September 8, 2014: Ladies Appreciation Day - Women's Triples Jitney.
Supported by Shawna Legere of Pearl & Pine Retirement and sponsored by Diane and Stephen March.

Champions - Evelyn Wilshaw, Doris Moore, Frieda Gibson: Top 3-game Winner.
2nd Place - Maureen Gibb, Joanne Connell, Evan Bingley: High 2-game Winner.
3rd Place - Kay Gwinnett, Shirley Vidler, Midge Leonhardt: Second 2-game Winner.

Photo courtesy John Moore, BLBC.

September 7, 2014 (Sarnia): Congratulations to the Burlington Novice Team (Mary Wesko, Sophie McKeown, Tina Lemon) for winning Gold at the Provincial Novice Championships in Sarnia, Sept. 7. Another win for District 5!

Sophie, Mary and Tina. Back home with their Medals!

September 1, 2014: Labour Day Jitney, sponsored by Rick David of Sutton Real Estate.

Triples - 2 Wins
1) George Archer, Marion Reid, Anne Marie Foster: 31 points.
2) George Menzies, Margaret Radcliffe, Jim Young: 29 pts.
3) Dave Burrows, Dorthy McIntre, Bailey Webster: 24 pts.
4) Kathleen Mein, Mary Jane Kimmins, Aita Moore: 22 pts.

Triples - 1 game high agg
1) Charlie McKague, Trevor Colby, Doreen MacCrimmon: 25 pts. (18 against).
2) Hans Leonhardt, Rick David, Bob Hols: 25 pts (24 against).

Pairs - 2 Wins - Frieda Gibson, Joy Sinclair: 24 pts.
High last game - Elizabeth Flett, Dot Hols, Geoff Naser: 12 pts.


August 31, 2014: Tournament co-sponsor Remi Canuel presents the Team Purple trophy to a representative of the winning team, Frank Francella. His team, also consisting of Dave Bell, Rusty Ruggles with Wendy English, Maureen Francella and Elaine Semple won the tournament on August 24 with a score of 3 Wins and 89 points. This belated official presentation was delayed because Remi was still in Winnipeg at the Canadians and the trophy wasn't available on game day.

Photo courtesy Michael Spadafora, Talking Bowls in Canada.

August 30, 2014: Club Championships - Novice Pairs (10 teams).
Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.
Format: 3 X 12 ends games with 3-game winners playing-off (last game was shortened to 10 due to heat)

Champions - Doug Smithson and Maureen Gibb: 3 Wins, 34 points.
2nd Place - Jerry Kmet and Fred Alcock: 3 Wins, 30 pts.
3rd Place - Brian Donohue and John Gibb: 2 Wins, 41 pts. plus 7.
4th Place - Chris Clark and Evelyn Wilshaw: 1 Win, 29 pts. plus 2.

August 30, 2014 (St. Marys): By winning all 4 games, Kody Olthof (Simcoe) and Remi Canuel (BLBC) won the 125th Anniversary Tournament (men's pairs) at the Parks LBC in St. Marys to claim the $500 first prize.

August 23, 2014: Club Championships - Women's Triples (6 teams).
Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.
Format: 3 X 12 ends games with 3-game winners playing-off followed by Challenge Match.

Champions - Irene I’Anson, Midge Leonhardt, Dot Honsperger: 3 Wins, 41 points.
2nd Place - Diane March, Hannah McBride, Evelyn Wilshaw: 2 Wins, 36 points (30 pts. against).
3rd Place - Marion Freeborn, Elaine Semple, Sue Holohan: 2 Wins, 36 points (37 pts. against).

Dot Honsperger, Irene I’Anson, Midge Leonhardt.

August 23, 2014: Club Championships - Men's Triples (8 teams).
Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.
Format: 3 X 12 ends games with 3-game winners playing-off followed by Challenge Match.

Champions - Jim Gilmour, Dave Burrows, Patrick Côte: 3 Wins, 39 points.
2nd Place - Ernie Gersok, Tony Farrell, Chris Clark: 2 Wins, 40 pts. plus 1.
3rd Place - Michael Briks, Al Price, Vern Lessard: 2 Wins, 32 pts.
4th Place - Hans Leonhardt, Derek Barker, Ernie Kuril: 1 Win 36 pts. plus 4.
Challenge Match: won by Jim Gilmour, Dave Burrows, Patrick Côte after 5 ends of play.

Patrick Côte, Dave Burrows, Jim Gilmour.

August 13, 2014: At the clubhouse on Wednesday evening, BLBC members celebrated the departure of the club's Men's Fours team which will represent Ontario at the Canadian Championships in Winnipeg, August 18 to 24. The team thanked club president Peter Clarke for donating a $1,000 cheque to help defray some of the costs of going to the Nationals.

Trevor, Remi, Malcolm and club president Peter Clarke. Absent: Mark Sandford (skip) who was resting in Jamaica. 

August 10, 2014: Club Championships - Women's Pairs (10 teams).
Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre. Format: 3 X 12 ends games with 3-game winners playing-off.

Champions - Marion Freeborn and Elaine Semple
3 Wins, 44 points (30 points against).

2nd Place - Joyce Anderson and Maureen Donaldson
2 Wins, 43 pts. plus 2 (22 pts. against).

3rd Place - Freda Gersok and Marj Kells
2 Wins, 36 pts. (30 pts. against).

4th Place - Maureen Gibb and Evan Bingley
1 Win, 31 pts. (33 pts. against).

Marion Freeborn and Elaine Semple with drawmaster Doug Brusey.

August 10, 2014: Club Championships - Men's Pairs (16 teams).
Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre. Format: 3 X 12 ends games with 3-game winners playing-off.

Champions - Peter Clarke and Tony Farrell
3 Wins, 35 points (28 pts. against).

2nd Place - Patrick Côte and Ariel Minelli
3 Wins, 46 pts. plus 2 (20 pts. against).

3rd Place - Ernie Gersok and Andy Paton
2 Wins, 45 pts. plus 14 (24 pts. against).

4th Place - Jerry Kmet and John Gibb
2 Wins, 41 pts. plus 1 (44 pts. against).

5th Place - George Wilson and Dave Burrows
2 Wins, 39 pts. plus 3 (30 pts. against).

6th Place - Doug Smithson and Brian Donohue
1 Win, 36 pts plus 1 (31 pts. against).

Peter Clarke and Tony Farrell with drawmaster Doug Brusey, center.

August 4, 2014: Civic Day Jitney sponsored by Kathleen Lentz of TD Canada Trust. A total of 58 BLBC players competed on Holiday Monday (42 in triples and 16 in pairs) in a two-game format.

Triples Winners: 2 Wins
1. Frieda Gibson with Mary Wootton and Sandra Brown: 30 pts. plus 4 (12 against)
2. Brian Donohue with Doug Smithson and Margaret Radcliffe: 30 pts. plus 2 (11 against)
3. Midge Leonhardt with Marie Masur and Rick Ambis: 27 pts. (22 against)
4. Pat Pring with Al Rogers and Marion Reid: 25 pts. (12 against)
Last game high: Ted Rittenhouse with Stewart Potter and Bill Simai: 24 pts. plus 1.

Mary Wootton, Frieda Gibson, Sandra Brown.

Pairs Winners: 2 Wins
1. Bob Pring with Lorraine Negas: 30 pts. plus 3 (10 against)
2. Diane March with Jo Parkinson and Mima Pollock (they split the games): 30 pts. plus 2
Last game high: Robert Radcliffe with Rick David. 25 pts. plus 3.

Lorraine Negas, Bob Pring.

August 2, 2014 (Norwich, Ont.): With a Hagersville front end and a Burlington back end, the team of Carman Morris, Frank Francella, Ernie Gersok and skip Remi Canuel won the Ontario Open Men's Fours at Norwich LBC during the Men's 3-Day Tournament.


July 24, 2014 (Hamilton): BLBC's Ernie Kuril (skip) and Ruby Du Feu (lead) won the 126th O.B.A. Pairs (WP/MP) Tournament at Roselawn LBC with 3 Wins and 43 points.

July 23, 2014 (Oakville): Burlington's Mary Wesko (skip), Ruby Du Feu (vice) and Marie Masur (lead) won the "The Running Company" women's triples tournament at Oakville LBC with 35 points (2 x 14 ends format).

July 20, 2014: Club Championships - Men & Women SINGLES (3 x 12 ends with 3 game winners playing-off)

Champion - Joyce Anderson: 3 Wins (36 points).
2nd Place - Irene I’Anson: 3 Wins (33 points).
3rd Place - Julia Farrell: 2 Wins (38 plus 3).
4th Place - Sylvia Smith: 1 Win (35 plus 2).

Champion - Brian Taillieu: 3 Wins (40 points plus 4).
2nd Place - Robert Radcliffe: 3 Wins (37 points).
3rd Place - Larry Anderson: 3 Wins (35 points).
4th Place - Michael Briks: 3 Wins (34 points).
5th Place - David Smith: 2 Wins (39 points plus 3).
6th Place - Phil Thornton: 2 Wins (39 points).
7th Place - Finlay Morrison: 1 Win (36 points).

Drawmaster Doug Brusey, Brian Taillieu, Joyce Anderson and Dave Burrows, Club Championship Director.
Sponsored by Kathleen Lentz of TD Canada Trust.

July 20 (Mississauga): Burlington's Stewart Potter (skip) and Ruby Du Feu won the "Don & Cathy Stephan" Mixed Pairs Tournament at Port Credit LBC with 3 Wins and a score of 47 points plus one.


July 15-16 (Grimsby): On Wednesday at Grimsby LBC, Burlington's Nancy Hewer, Roberta Johnston and Karen Peart from Caledonia won the District 5 Seniors Triples playdowns. On the men's side, the champs are Charlie Lyle, Peter Clarke, Gabe Bassett from BLBC. Both teams will compete in the Provincial Seniors Triples championships at Kingston LBC August 5-6.

July 13, 2014 (Burlington): Congratulations to Vince Donohoe, Glen Patton, Dave Burrows (BLBC) in winning the District 5 Triples Men's Championships and to the team of Freda Gersok, Marj Kells, Wendy Buick (BLBC) for taking the women's pennant held at BLBC, July 12-13. The two teams will represent District 5 at Ontario Triples Championships to be held July 26-27 at the Willowdale LBC in Toronto.

July 10, 2014 (St. George): With 3 wins and a score of 50 pts. plus one, Burlington's Brian Head, Ruby Du Feu and John Duguay (skip) won the Foodland Mixed Triples tournament at St. George LBC.

July 1, 2014 (Burlington): Despite the heat and humidity, a well-attended Canada Day Jitney at BLBC with 14 rinks of triples and about 110 for lunch convened by Joyce Anderson!

Top Seven Finishers (listed by triples skips):
1. John Moore 26 pts.+ 6 (8 pts. against)
2. Bob Pring 25+1 (17 against)
3. Jack Mein 25 (12 against)
4. Eleanor Randal 22 (15 against)
5. Walter Anderson 23 (8 against)
6. Sylvia Smith 22 (14 against)
7. Evan Bingley 19 (17 against).

Check out more Canada Day photos in our July 1 Gallery.

July 1, 2014 (Brantford): Burlington's Charlie Lyle, Margaret Beacroft and Vern Lessard won the Canada Day Mixed Triples Tournament at the Dufferin LBC, sponsored by Richard Bruton of TD Waterhouse.


June 29, 2014 (Burlington): Congratulations to Joyce Anderson & Freda Gersok in winning the women's District 5 Pairs Playdowns held at BLBC. On the men's side, Charlie Roach & Rich Peart are the champions. Both teams will represent the district at the Provincial Pairs Championships taking place July 5-6 at the Pickering Lawn Bowling Club. Due to two vacancies on the women's side, the District 5 runner up team of Margaret Beacroft and Ruby Du Feu has been added to the roster at the Provincial Pairs and will be designated as "5B".

June 23, 2014 (Norwich): Burlington's Margaret Beacroft and Charlie Lyle won the "Preston Cycle" Mixed Pairs tournament at Norwich LBC.

June 21-22, 2014 (Caledonia): On Sunday at Caledonia LBC, Maureen Francella and Frank Francella won the District 5 Mixed Pairs Championships. They also won it in 2013. Now they will compete in the Provincial Mixed Pairs championships at Port Credit LBC in Mississauga, August 9-10.

June 17, 2014 (Kitchener): On a very windy Tuesday, a combined effort of Burlington and Hagerville players, Claire & Carman Morris, (Hagersville LBC) and skip Remi Canuel (BLBC) won the Memory Gardens MT/WT Tournament at Heritage Greens with 3 Wins and a score of 49 pts. plus one.

June 14-15, 2014 (Kitchener): The District 5 Champs from Burlington LBC won the Provincial Men's Fours Championships at Heritage Greens. Trevor Whyte, Mark Sandford (s), Remi Canuel and Malcolm Whyte
will represent Ontario at the Canadian National Championships (Fours),
in Winnipeg, Manitoba from August 16 - 24.

photo courtesy Michael Spadafora, Talking Bowls in Canada.

June 14-15, 2014 (Burlington): District 5 Singles held at BLBC: Joyce Anderson won the women's and Charlie Lyle won the men's. Both will represent District 5 at the Provincial Singles, September 20-21 at Belleville LBC.

June 12, 2014 (St. George): This BLBC team is hot! On Election Day Thursday,
the Burlington trio of Margaret Beacroft, Joyce Anderson and Joan Way (s) won the "Investors Group" Mixed Triples tournament at St. George LBC with 3 Wins and a score of 43 pts.

photo courtesy John Moore.

June 10, 2014 (Woodstock): This Tuesday, Burlington's Joan Way (S) and Margaret Beacroft won the Women's Pairs "Sullivan Trophy" at Woodstock LBC. $200 first prize!

June 8, 2014: Club Championships - MIXED PAIRS

Winner: Dave Burrows & Liz Dawson
3 Wins: 40 points for, 24 points against.

2nd Place: Charlie Roach & Julia Farrell
3 Wins: 40 points for, 27 points against.

3rd Place: Derek Barker & Shirley Vidler
3 Wins: 35 points for, 22 points against.

4th Place: George Menzies & Ruby Du Feu
2 Wins: 47 points for, 27 points against.

5th Place: Peter Clarke & Roberta Johnston
2 Wins: 42 points for, 23 points against.

6th Place: Al Price & Dot Honsberger
1 Win: 42 points for, 38 points against.

June 5, 2014 (St. George): Burlington scores another road victory! With 3 Wins and a score of 49 pts., BLBC's Sir Fred Alock, Linda Smith and Bruce Smith (skip) won the "Les Doctor" Memorial Trophy in the open triples tournament held at St. George LBC.

June 2, 2014 (Kitchener): On Tuesday, the BLBC team of Shirley Vidler and Julia Farrell won the Hollis Wealth Women's Pairs tournament at Heritage Greens with 3 Wins!

4-3-2-1: The season started Tuesday, June 2 and the new 2014 Rules have been posted.
Click here for the Rules.


May 31, 2014 (Pickering): The BLBC trio of Margaret Beacroft, Joan Way and Remi Canuel (skip) won the Frenchman's Bay Trophy (mixed triples) with 3 Wins and a score of 44 pts. plus six at the Pickering LBC.

photo courtesy Richard Bruton, TD Wealth.

May 27, 2014 (Niagara-on-the-Lake): Burlington's Margaret Beacroft and Charlie Lyle (skip) won the Mixed Pairs tournament at NOTL-LBC.

May 25, 2014: The Burlington team of Malcolm Whyte, Remi Canuel, Mark Sandford (s) and Trevor Whyte won the Men's Fours District 5 Playdowns played Saturday and Sunday at BLBC. The champs will represent the district at the Provincial Fours championships June 14-15 at Heritage Greens, Kitchener.


May 24, 2014: The BLBC team of Nancy Hewer, Karen Peart, Roberta Johnston and Wendy Buick won the Women's Fours District 5 Playdowns played on Saturday at Burlington (photo requested).

May 19, 2014: On holiday Monday, 74 bowlers played in the Victoria Day Jitney in triples and pairs.
Results (2 games X 10 ends):

TRIPLES (2 wins):
1st: Dave Burrows, Margaret Radcliffe, Dave Pohl, with 24 pts. (9 A)
2nd: Freda Gersok, Jo Parkinson, Trudy Sweers, with 24 pts. (17 A)
3rd: Ernie Gersok, Helen Archer, Maureen Gibb, with 20 pts.
4th: Joan Way, Patrick Cote, Barney Dutka, with 17 pts. (9 A)
5th: Ted Rittenhouse, Bailey Webster, Phyllis Donahue, with 17 pts. (10 A).
1 Game High aggregate:
1st: Hans Leonhardt, Sharon Faulkner, Sandra Brown, with 23 pts. plus 1.
2nd: Mary Wesko, George Archer, Sophie McKeown, with 19 pts.
3rd: Carol-Anne Ball, Neil Brierly, Bill Simai, with 19 pts.

1st: Charlie McKague, Fred Alcock, with 2 wins, 20 pts.
1 Game High: Robert Radcliffe, Brian Donahue, 25 pts. plus 2.

May 10, 2014: Over 100 BLBC members attended our Opening Day on Saturday for bowling and barbecue.

Triples winners were Hans Leonhardt, Maureen Gibb and Vern Lessard (pictured).
Pairs winner was Pat Pring and Margaret Morrison.

May 10, 2014 (Beamsville): Burlington remains hot on the road! With 3 wins, the BLBC team consisting of Joyce Anderson, Margaret Beacroft and Joan Way won the "Don Harvey Memorial" Mixed Triples Tournament on Saturday, May 10 at Beamsville Lawn Bowling Club.
May 2, 2014 (Niagara-on-the-Lake): Another away win for Burlington! With 3 wins, the BLBC squad of Linda Smith, Bruce Smith and Charlie Lyle won the "Stamford Estates" Mixed Triples Tournament on Friday, May 2 at NOTL Lawn Bowling Club.


April 27, 2014 (Niagara Falls): First Away Victory for a Burlington team in 2014! With 3 Wins & 54 pts., the BLBC squad of Nic Van Weesel, Joan Way, Ernie Gersok and Remi Canuel won the Open Fours tournament at Niagara Falls LBC, Sunday, Apr. 27.


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