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OCT. & NOV. 2019

November 23, 2019.
2019 Canadian Short Mat Championships,
Cobourg, Ontario.
After winning Gold in Fours at the Canadian Short Mat Championship in Cobourg, Ont. November 18-23, the team of Debbie Ferrill (Ottawa), Judy Steinke (Kingston), Blaine Philips (Ottawa) and Theresa Kennedy (Burlington) will represent Canada at the World Championships in Herentals, Belgium, March 20 to 22, 2020.


September 20, 2019.
Ladies Appreciation Day. Lunch Served by the Men.

36 ladies bowled 3 short games, ate heartily and enjoyed some libations while waiting the results. Our thanks to Diane and Steve for once again sponsoring this event.
Jitney-style draw.
1st: Margaret Beacroft, Lorraine Negus and Margaret Radcliffe: 3 Wins, 38 pts. plus 2.
2nd: Joan Way, Dot Honsburger, Gillian Moffatt: 2 Wins, 32 points.
3rd: Marj Kells, Hannah McBride, Eleanor Shuggan: 2 Wins, 29 points.
4th: Helen Archer, Merrily Scullion, Helen White: 2 Wins, 25 points.
5th: Evan Bingley, Joan Deutscher, Bobbie Robb: Last game high.
6th: Evelyn Wilshaw, Sheila Finnimore, Ella Murdock: High 1 game Aggregate.

September 19, 2019.
District 5 Interleague,
2019 Championships.
On the ladie's side, Burlington beat Dundas Sept. 19 to take the 2019 championship and then they celebrated their win with lunch at the Copetown Golf & Country Club.
For the men, Burlington has two teams: "A" and "B". This year, Team "A" took the title with the "B" squad finishing third. The men's teams had their end-of-the-season lunch at Mandarin.

September 14, 2019.
Novice Pairs Club Championships.

Although the tournament was open to men and women novices, teams that were all women took the prizes.
Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.
20 Novice Bowlers participated. 

1st: Suzanne Day and Nancy Skinner: 3 Wins, 54 pts. plus 1.
2nd: Jennifer Aziz and Val King: 2 Wins, 39 points.
3rd: Mimi Claude and Bobbie Robb: 2 Wins, 34 points.
4th: Last game High: Penny Heneke and Pat Binnie with 11 points.

September 11, 2019.
Trickey Memorial Trophy Tournament, MT/WT
St. George.
With a score of 50 points plus 4, congratulations to the Burlington team of Margaret Beacroft, Joan Way and Remi Canuel for winning the W. A. Trickey tournament.

September 2, 2019.
Labour Day Tournament, Oakville LBC.
Congratulations to Nick Head, Joan Way and Kathy Smith for winning the Oakville Funeral Home Trophy tournament.

September 2, 2019.
Labour Day Holiday Jitney.

Sponsored by RBC Wealth Management.
56 bowlers entered the holiday jitney to form 5 pairs teams and 6 triples. 

1st: Marj Kells, Roberta Johnson, Walter Bilous (2 wins)
2nd: Bob Pring, Fay Douglas, Gill Moffatt
3rd: Mary Wesko, Nancy Skinner, Pat Binnie
4th: Bob Hols, June Pinkney, Linda Smith (high 1 win)
5th: Barb Brusey, Pat Wilson, Penny Henke
6th: Fred Alcock, Sheila Finnamore, Mary Pace (brand new bowler!)
1st: Ariel Minelli, Melanie Lovat (2 wins)
2nd: Colin Treeby, Aita Moore
3rd: Freda Gersok, Marg Radcliffe
4th: Charlie Lyle, Bobbie Robb (high 1 win)


August 5, 2019.
Civic Day Holiday Jitney.

Sponsored by Amica of Dundas.
54 Bowlers played triples.
1st: Ariel, Linda, Michael: 2 Wins, 31 pts plus 1.
2nd: Bruce, Margaret, Val: 2 Wins, 29 points.
3rd: Charlie, Jack, Roberta/Walter: 2 Wins, 27 pts. plus 6.
4th: Bob, Patricia, Craig: 2 Wins, 19 points.
5th: Mary, Dorothy, Noah: 1 Win, 27 points.
6th: Sophie, June, Pat: 1 Win, 24 pts. plus 2.
7th: Marj, Marie/Marion, MJ: 1 Win, 22 pts. plus 1.
8th: High last game, non winner with 12: Myrna, Frieda, Hannah.

JULY 2019

July 27, 2019.
Club Championships: Men's and Women's Triples.
Format: One 12-end game followed by two 8-end games followed by Challenge Match. 9 Women's Teams & 7 Men's Teams participated.

Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.

1st - Barbara Day-Wills, Marion Freeborn, Theresa Kennedy: 3 Wins, 29 points.
2nd - Diane March, Sylvia Heywood, Merrily Scullion: 2 Wins, 35 points.
3rd - Sylvia Smith, Marion Brunton, Ann Marie Foster: 2 Wins, 23 points.
4th - Irene I’Anson, Midge Leonhart, Fay Douglas: High 1 Game Winner.

1st - Charles Lyle, Peter Clarke, Kevin Deebank: 3 Wins, 25 points.
2nd - Jim McIntyre, Jim Gilmour, Don Rush: 2 Wins, 30 pts plus 7.
3rd - Ken Maitland, Moe Ali, Jon Rees: High 1 Game Winner.
Challenge Match: Won by Charles Lyle, Peter Clarke, Kevin Deebank after 5 ends of play and an extra tie-breaking end.

July 21, 2019.
Club Championships: Men's and Women's Novices.
What a hot day but 14 novices played.

Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.

Women (With 6 entries the Ladies played a modified format of a round robin, 5 x 8 end games. And due to the heat becoming dangerous the tournament was concluded after the 4th round):
1st - Suzanne Day, 4 wins 41+3 for 17 against.
2nd - Penny Heneke, 2 wins 28 for 23 against .
3rd - Pat Binnie, 2 wins 23 for 28 against.
4th - Marion Brunton, 2 wins 22 for 28 against.

Men (with 8 entries the men played a traditional 3 x 12 end tournament. Play was called after 8 ends in the 3rd game, due to the heat):
1st - Don Rush, 3 wins 47+8 for 10 against.
2nd - Ken Browne 2 wins 37+1 for 19 against .
3rd - Peter Andersen, 2 wins 26 for 25 against .
4th - Michael Buzit, 2 wins 26 for 29 against .
Last game high: Bill Hedley.

July 7, 2019.
Club Championships
Men's and Women's Pairs.

Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.

1st - Suzanne Day and Sara Deebank: 3 Wins, 44 pts. plus 1.
2nd - Margaret Beacroft and Linda Smith: 2 Wins, 40 pts. plus 2.
Last Game High: Mary Ann Cook and Josephine MacLean.


1st - Charles Lyle and Peter Clarke: 3 Wins, 45 pts. plus 15.
2nd - Vern Lessard and Gabe Basset: 3 Wins, 38 points.
3rd - Bruce Smith and Fred Gundel: 2 Wins, 41 pts. plus 7.
4th - Derek Barker and Kevin Deebank: 2 Wins, 41 points.
Last game high: Neil Johnson and Ken Browne.


July 1, 2019.
Canada Day Jitney.
60 Bowlers participated.
Sponsored by Angles, Unisex Professional Haircare Centres by Helen.

Congratulations to Frieda Gibson, MJ Kimmons and Doug Brusey on their first-place finish.

JUNE 2019

June 23, 2019.
Club Championships: Singles

Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.
Congratulations to Kathleen Mein for winning the Women's Singles and to Vern Lessard for taking the men's title.

June 15-16, 2019.
District 5 Pairs Playdowns.
Played at BLBC.
Eight men's teams and four ladies pairs.
Our champs will now represent District 5 at the Provincial Pairs Championships, June 29-30.
Men play at Dresden and the women will compete in Tilbury.

On the men's side, congratulations to Grant Love and David Defoe.
Winning the ladies' pennant was Mary Wesko and Sophie Burrows.

MAY 2019

May 26, 2019.
Club Championships, Mixed Pairs:

Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.
There were 28 Pairs teams that competed. Morning and Afternoon was bright and sunny and the good bowling on our great greens was awesome:
1st: Margaret Beacroft and Charlie Lyle.
2nd: David DeFoe & Pat.
3rd: Bruce Smith & Lindia Smith.
4th: Patrick Cote & Johanne Trudeau.
5th: Dave Burrows & Sophie Burrows.
6th: Hans Leonhardt & Midge Leonhardt.

May 20, 2019.
Victoria Day Jitney.
66 Bowlers participated.
Sponsored by Knowles and Associates Massage Therapy Clinic.

Congratulations to Michael, Midge and Bruce for their first-place finish.

May 11, 2019.
Opening Day Jitney:

Sponsored by Burlington Health Focus.
On Opening Day 2019 there were 24 Trebles and 4 Pairs Teams that competed. The Saturday morning was bright and sunny and we had sponsor Stephanie Playford of Burlington Health Focus deliver the first bowl. We even had the Lancaster from the Heritage War Plane Museum fly over to start our bowling season. More photos and results here .

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