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August 6, 2018.
Civic Day Holiday Jitney.
Despite the hot weather, the club still celebrated the Civic Holiday with a Pizza Party and Jitney. However, the jitney was cut to one 12-end game, with 52 members ignoring the heat to play in the morning.
Congrats to Dorothy McIntyre, Freda Gersok and Sharron Treeby for winning the triples, and to Theresa Kennedy and Kathleen Mein for having the best pairs games.
Due to the generosity of another great sponsor, AMICA of Dundas, half of the participants received a ‘winner’s share’.

August 4, 2018.
Club Championship: Novice Singles.
Top three-game winners:
Women, Barb Day Wills 3 wins 42 + 5 for, 19 against. Her final game against Nancy Skinner was especially scary, as it was decided by a measure for the final point. Runner up was Theresa Kennedy, 2 wins 39 for, 21 against.
Men: Don Rush 3 wins 36 for, 21 against. It was not a run-away for Don either, but a great win just the same. Second place went to Roger Berg, 2 wins, 38 for, 24 against.
FIRST STEP ACCOMPLISHED: With the change in the OLBA rules, a novice player must win their club championship in order to go on to the District 5 Novice Singles to be held at BLBC August 25-26.

JULY 2018

July 28-29, 2018.
District 5 Novice Women's Triples playdowns.
Played at Roselawn LBC, Hamilton.


Pennant Winner
Maryse "Mimi" Claude, Patricia Glachan and Marion Brunton.
Runner Up: Theresa Kennedy, Barbara Day Wills and Valerie King.
Note: the 2nd place team also played in the Provincial Novice Championships in Sarnia as Team "5B".


July 8, 2018.
Club Championships
Men's and Women's Singles.

Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.

1st - Suzanne Day, 3 wins, 40 points.
2nd - Sophie Burrows, 3 wins, 39 pts. plus 5.
3rd - Barbara Day Wills, 2 wins, 39 pts plus 2.
4th - Val King (Best 1st year), 2 wins, 30 points.


1st - Ernie Gersok, 3 wins, 49 points (won playoff).
2nd - Peter Clarke, 3 wins, 42 points.
3rd - Patrick Cote, 2 wins, 39 points.
4th - Charles Lyle, 2 wins, 38 points.
5th - Jerry Kmet (Last game high), 12 points.

July 5, 2018.
St. George.
Food Town/Remax Mixed Triples open tournament.
Congrats to the Burlington team of Theresa Kennedy, Remi Canuel and Mark Sandford for winning this heat-reduced tournament. Called after two games due to the extreme temperature and humidity.


July 2, 2018.
Half-Century of Lawn Bowls.
Presented Monday, July 2, at BLBC.
The Club was very proud to present Bowls Canada 50 Year Pins to two members: Pat & Bob Pring, on the completion of fifty years of bowls!


July 2, 2018.
Canada Day Jitney,
Monday, July 2, BLBC.
Sponsored by Angles Hair Care Centre. Investments.

Congrats to the 66 brave bowlers who played on this very hot and humid day. Due to the heat, the event was reduced from two games to one. Over 100 members enjoyed the lunch.

JUNE 2018

Double Winners (2 wins in a week!)

June 26, 2018.
Mixed Pairs Open Tournament,
Ancaster. Sponsored by Dodsworth & Brown Funeral Home. 3 Wins, 47 points plus 2.

June 28, 2018.
District 5 Mixed Pairs championships
played at Dundas. Four teams participated.

Congrats to the Burlington team of Charles Lyle and Margaret Beacroft for winning these two events. They will now represent the district at the Provincial Mixed Pairs Championships at Cobourg, July 14-15.

June 16, 2018.
Combo Fours Open Tournament,
Heritage Greens, Kitchener.
Sponsored by Irene Vassalo Investments.

Congrats to the Burlington team of Charles Lyle, Margaret Lyle, Linda Smith and Bruce Smith for winning the Combo 4's.

June 17, 2018.
Club Championships
Mixed Pairs.

Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.
1st - Patrick Cote & Jennifer Aziz: 3 wins, 53 pts. plus 10.
2nd - Brian Donohue & Sylvia Heywood, 2 wins, 38 points.
3rd - Vern Lessard & Irene I'Anson, 2 wins, 32 points.
4th - Charles Lyle & Margaret Lyle, 1 win, 36 pts. plus 1.
5th - Jim McIntyre & Avril Baker, Last game high with 13 points.

June 9-10, 2018.
District 5 Pairs Playdowns
Played at Burlington LBC.

Four men's teams and one women's team participated.
Men's Pairs Champs:
Patrick Cote and Ernie Gersok, Burlington LBC.
Women's Singles Champ:
Ruby Du Feu and Joan Way, Burlington LBC (unopposed).
Both teams will now represent the district at the Provincial Pairs Championships to be played at Hanover, June 22 to 24.


May 26-27, 2018.
District 5 Singles Playdowns
Played at Burlington LBC.

Seven men and three women participated.
Men's Singles Champ:
David Defoe, Burlington LBC.
Women's Singles Champ:
Joan Way, Burlington LBC.
Both players will now represent the district at the Provincial Singles Championships to be played at Belleville, June 15 to 17.

May 21, 2018.
Victoria Day Jitney:
Sponsored by Burlington Health Focus foot clinic.

Over 80 members participated on the Holiday Monday in our second holiday jitney of the season.
Triples Winners:
Jerry Kmet, Agnes David and George Menzies with a score of 2 wins, 35 points.
Thank you to Diane March for providing a great lunch.

May 12, 2018.
Opening Day Jitney:
Sponsored by Burlington Health Focus foot clinic.

Pairs and Triples

Over 70 members participated Saturday, May 12 in our first jitney of 2018:
Pairs Winners:
George Menzies and Jerry Kmet.
Triples Winners:
Ariel Minelli, Midge Leonhardt with Gabe Bassett.


January 20, 2018.
Winter Indoor Bowling:

Robbie Burns Jitney

Morning and Afternoon Jitneys:
Morning Winners:
Tom Gwinnett, Robbie Cox and Theresa Kennedy.
Afternoon Winners:
Tom Gwinnett, Dot Honsberger, M.J. Kimmins and John Tennant.
Everyone enjoyed a delicious meat pie for lunch with accompaniments.

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