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Thanksgiving Jitney, October 9

photos courtesy Evan Bingley


September 25, 2017.
District 5 Inter-League,
2017 Women's Champions: Burlington.

For the second year in a row, congrats to the Burlington women's team in winning the district championship. The club plays home and away games against other district clubs on Wednesdays.

photo courtesy Evan Bingley

September 22, 2017.
New Bowls Raffle,
Prize: Aero Bowls

During our last open tournament of the year, the club drew the winning ticket for a new set of Aero Bowls. The winner is Jim Macrae of Burlington. Congratulations Jim. The draw netted the club $354. Thank you to our sponsor for donating these Aero Bowls for our fundraising raffle.

photo courtesy Evan Bingley

September 16, 2017.
Club Championships:

Novice Open Pairs
Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.
8 Teams Competed:
1st: Grant Love & Al Mifsud (3 wins, 41 pts. plus 1)
2nd: Merrilly Scullion & Dorothy McIntyre (2 wins, 48 pts. plus 5)
3rd: Jim McIntyre & Mike Evelyn (2 wins, 42 pts. plus 5)
Consolation: Ken Brown & Peter Anderson.

September 6, 2017.
Women's Triples Tournament at Oakville LBC,
Revera Kensington Trophy

Congrats to the Burlington team of Joyce Anderson, Liz Dawson and Midge Leonhardt for winning this tournament at Oakville. Note: another Burlington team, consisting of Diane March, Sylvia Heywood and Marie Masur, took second place. Well done BLBC teams!

photo courtesy Evan Bingley

September 4, 2017.
Labour Day Holiday Jitney:

Sponsored by DARREN GILLIS - RBC Dominion Securities.
Two 12-end games, triples:
1st: Robert Radcliffe, Ian Roxburgh, Midge Leonhardt (2 wins, 34 points)
2nd: Jack Mein, Dorothy McIntyre, Bernard Dutka (2 wins, 30 points)
3rd: Irene I’Anson, Al Heywood (2 wins, 29 points)
4th: Sophie Burrows, Lenore Roach, Bill Shill (2 wins, 27 points)
5th: Dave Burrows, Jim McIntyre, Robert Hols (2 wins, 23 points)
6th: Ariel Minelli, Lorraine Negus, James Wills (2 wins, 20 points)
7th: Hans Leonhardt, Evelyn Wilshaw, Linda McCaig (1 Win High, 31 points)
Consolation: Evan Bingley, Patricia Brambilla, Anne Hunks (24 points)


August 31, 2017.
Ladies Appreciation Day:

Pairs and Triples. Sponsored by Diane March.
Pairs (6 teams):
1st: Evan Bingley and Jennifer Aziz (2 wins, 38 pts. plus 1)
2nd: Freda Gersok and Margaret Lyle (2 wins, 34 pts. plus 1)
3rd: H. Archer/ J. Parkinson & Doris Moore (2 wins, 24 points)
4th: Joyce Anderson (1 Win High, 27 pts.)
5th: Irene I'Anson, Lorraine Negas (Last Game High, 11 pts.)


Triples (8 teams):
1st: Maureen Gibb, Roberta Johnston, Linda McCaig (3 wins, 37 points)
2nd: Myrna Wilkinson, Midge Leonhardt, Mary Jane Kimmons (2 wins, 39 pts. plus 4)
3rd: Avril Baker, Barb Brusey, Marie Masur (2 wins, 34 points)
4th: Mary Wesko, Marguerite Gibson, Mary Ann Cook (2 wins, 32 pts. plus 2)
5th: Pat Pring, Dot Honsberger, Suzanne Day (1 Win Aggregate, 26 pts.)
6th: Liz Dawson, Fay Douglas, Nancy Skinner (High Last Game, 11 pts.)


August 19, 2017.
Club Novice Singles Championships:

Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.
Format: round robin of 8-end games.
Entries: 5 women, 6 men.
1st: Jennifer Aziz (4 wins, 44 pts. plus 9)
2nd: Mary Crosato (2 wins, 26 points)
3rd: Merrily Scullion (2 wins, 25 points)
1st: Grant Love (4 wins, 50 pts. plus 6)
2nd: Al Mifsud (4 wins, 40 pts. plus 3, 23 against)
3rd: Ken Browne (4 wins, 40 pts. plus 3, 29 against)

-- photo courtesy Evan Bingley --

August 14, 2017.
Bowls Canada Photo Contest,
Photo of the Week Winner
submitted by Doug Brolly, BLBC

Taken June 16, 2017, on our South Green at our Ladies Triples Open Tournament, sponsored by Leggat Mazda, Burlington.
Photo shows bowlers on Rink 13 Marie Masur (Burlington) and on Rink 14 Maureen Francella (Hagersville) in Game 2 of the 3-game tournament. Leads Lorraine Heaney (Hagersville) and Hannah McBride (Burlington - wearing hat) are waiting behind, while Carol Risidore (Burlington - in pink top) is on Rink 15. This photo, titled "just look at that synchronization", will be in for consideration of the "Best of 2017" lawn bowling picture.

"Just look at that synchronization" by Doug Brolly

August 13, 2017.
Club Triples (with Novice) Championships:

Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.
Women's Triples:
1st: Irene I'Anson, Midge Leonhardt, Dorothy McIntyre (3 wins, 44 points plus 2)
2nd: Joyce Anderson, Carol Risidore, Denise Brolly (2 wins, 38 pts. plus 1)
3rd: Mary Wesko, Avril Baker, Merrily Scullion (2 wins, 37 points)
Men's Triples:
1st: Chris Clark, Ted Rittenhouse, Jim MacRae (3 wins, 45 points)
2nd: George Menzies, Jerry Kmet, Bill Hedley (3 wins, 37 points)
3rd: Vern Lassard, Gabe Basset, Mike Evelyn (2 wins, 38 points)
4th: Ernie Gersok, Brian Green, Ken Brown (2 wins 37 pts. plus 3)
5th: Bruce Smith, Peter Clarke, Grant Love (Last Game High 13 points)

-- photo courtesy Evan Bingley --

August 7, 2017.
Civic Day Holiday Jitney:

Sponsored by Amica of Dundas.
Two 10-end games, triples:
1st: Ariel Minelli, Dorothy McIntyre, Dot Honsberger (2 wins, 29 points)
2nd: Jim McIntyre, Walter Anderson, Patricia Clachan (2 wins, 27 pts. plus 2)
3rd: Alberta Johnson, Dave Smithon, Al Mifsud (2 wins, 26 points)
4th: Jerry Kmet, Denise Brink, Michael Evelyn (2 wins, 24 points)
5th: Gabe Bassett, Chris Clark, Nancy Skinner (2 wins, 22 points)
1 Game High: Michael Briks, Marie Masur, Walter Bilous (16 points)

August 3, 2017.
Lively Ladies Tournament
Roselawn LBC, Hamilton

Congratulations to Burlington's Evan Bingley, Mary Wootton and Helen Archer for winning the Women's Triples tournament at Roselawn.

JULY 2017

July 29-30, 2017.
District 5 Singles Playdowns
played at BLBC

Champs: Congratulations to Burlington's Sophie Burrows and Patrick Cote for winning the District 5 Singles championships (women's and men's) played at BLBC, July 29-30. They will now represent the district at the Provincial Singles to be held at Heritage Greens, Kitchener, August 12-13.

July 23, 2017.
Club Pairs Championships:

Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.
Women's Pairs:
1st: Freda Gersok & Wendy Buick (3 wins, 44 pts. plus 4)
2nd: Mary Ann Cook & Ann Marie Foster (2 wins, 39 points)
3rd: Maureen Gibb & Linda Smith (2 wins, 38 points)
4th: Julia Farrell & Shirley Vidler (2 wins, 36 pts. plus 9)
Men's Pairs:
1st: Brian Donohue & Stephen March (3 wins, 43 pts. plus 2)
2nd: Bruce Smith & Robert Risidore (3 wins, 43 points)
3rd: Ernie Gersok & Dennis Ward (2 wins, 45 pts. plus 8)
4th: George Menzies & Peter Clarke (2 wins, 43 pts. plus 8)
5th: Patrick Cote & Dave Burrows (2 wins, 37 pts. plus 4)
6th: Michael Briks & Jim Gilmour (2 wins, 35 points)

Stephen March & Brian Donohue
with Wendy Buick & Freda Gersok
-- photo courtesy Evan Bingley --

July 9, 2017.
Club Mixed Pairs Championships:

Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.
18 teams competed:
1st: Michael Briks, Marie Masur (3 wins, 45 pts. plus 1)
2nd: George Menzies, Marion Freeborn (3 wins, 43 pts. plus 7)
3rd: Brian Donohue, Sylvia Heywood (3 wins, 40 pts.)
4th: Margaret Beacroft, Al Mifsud (2 wins, 39 pts. plus 4)
5th: John Hunter, Evelyn Wilshaw (2 wins, 38 pts. plus 5)
6th: Fred Gundel, Patricia Glachan (last game high, 17 pts.)

July 1, 2017.
Canada 150 Jitney sponsored by
the Auto Station

Triples, 1st Place: Doug Brolly, June Pinkney and Michael Briks (2 Wins).
The Spider: raised over $100 for the Carpenter Hospice.
"King of the Green": (corner-to-corner, across-the-green event) won by Chris Clark.
90 Bowlers Participated.
Format: one 10-end game & one 8-end game.

JUNE 2017

June 18, 2017.
Club Singles Championships:

Sponsored by Core Link Wellness Centre.
Women's Singles:
1st: Sophie Burrows (3 wins, 39 points)
2nd: Freda Gersok (2 wins, 37 pts. plus 1)
3rd: Ruby Du Feu (2 wins, 36 pts.)
4th: Ann Marie Foster (1 win, 35 pts. plus 3)

Men's Singles:
1st: Patrick Cote (3 wins, 50 pts. plus 1) Won play off.
2nd: George Menzies (3 wins, 37 pts.)
3rd: Ernie Gersok (2 wins, 43 pts. plus 1)
4th: Vern Lessard (2 wins, 39 pts. plus 9)
5th: Al Rogers (1 win, 33 pts.)
6th: Tony Farrell (last game high, 18 pts.)

June 10-11, 2017.
Roselawn LBC, Hamilton.
District 5 Pairs Playdowns

Congrats to Kathy Smith (Ancaster) & Maureen Gibb (Burlington) for winning the women's pennant on Saturday (no photo). On the men's side, the champs are Burlington's Gary Whyte and Mark Sandford who won on the hot Sunday.
On Saturday, July 17, the women will play Day 1 of the Provincial Pairs at Collingwood while the men will play in Stayner. On Sunday, June 18, both the women and men will play the Finals at Collingwood.

June 1, 2017.
St. George, Ont.
Les Doctor Memorial Open Triples

With a score of 3 Wins and 39 Points, congrats to the Burlington team of Joan Way, Remi Canuel (skip) and Margaret Beacroft for winning the Les Doctor open triples tournament played at St. George LBC.

MAY 2017

May 28, 2017.
District 5 Fours Playdowns
played at Burlington LBC.

Congrats to the Burlington team of Mark Sandford (skip), Remi Canuel, Gary Whyte and Michael Spadafora for winning the district pennant.
On the women's side the winners, again from Burlington, were Kathleen Smith (skip), Joan Way, Margaret Beacroft and Ruby Du Feu. (no photo)
Note: The second place teams on both the men's and women's sides may be called to fill in as "B" teams in the provincials if some of the districts had no entries in the playdowns.
The District 5 winners will represent the district in the Provincial Fours Championships to be played at Burlington, June 3-4.

May 22, 2017.
Victoria Day Jitney sponsored by
Knowles & Associates Massage Therapy Clinic.

1st Place: Jack Mein, Aita Moore, Bob Dodd (2 Wins 33 pts. plus 6).
2nd Place: Ariel Minelli, Sylvia Heywood, Robert Hols (2 Wins 28 pts. plus 3).
3rd Place: Hans Leonhardt, Dorothy McIntyre, Bob Dolmer (2 Wins 27 pts. plus 1).
90 Bowlers Participated.
Format: two 12-end games.

May 13, 2017.
Opening Day Jitney BLBC

Congrats to Doubles winners (above) Joyce Anderson and Walter Anderson, and Triples winners (right) George Menzies, Freda Gersok and Patricia Glachan.

Thanks to the 72 members who participated and to our first-time sponsor, BURLINGTON HEALTH FOCUS.

May 13, 2017.
St. Marys, Ontario:

Congratulations to the Burlington fours team of Malcolm Whyte, Mark Sandford, Remi Canuel and Gary Whyte in winning the St. Marys open fours Spring Classic tournament on May 13 with a score of 3 Wins and 48 points. First prize $500.


April 29, 2017.
Green's Seminar at BLBC:

In association with the OLBA, the Greens Seminar that Burlington LBC so graciously hosted on April 29 was a huge success. Under the direction of BLBC greenskeeper Charlie Roach and his greens crew, the event was attended by 55 people representing 28 clubs and six Parks and Recreation employees from three different cities. All were welcome and we were pleased to see city parks staff in attendance.

Please check out Evan Bingley's photos of the various workshops: Adjusting the Mower. Information Exchange. Greens Discussion and Polisher Operation.


February 19, 2017.
Men's Indoor Bowling Championship:

After round robins were completed, Al Price played against Jerry Kmet and Dave Burrows played against Ariel Minelli with many good shots and ou's and ya's from the crowd in this exciting semi-final.
The final was played by Dave Burrows and Jerry Kmet past winners in 2011 and 2015 respectively.
Dave Burrows came out on top with Jerry giving a very respectable battle to Dave's insistent ability to draw just a little closer.

February 4, 2017.
Heritage Fair Display:

BLBC set up a display including indoor short mats, at the Burlington Heritage Fair held at Central Library. Doug Brusey, Charlie Roach, Mary Wesko and Lorraine Negus help set up the club's exhibit which ran from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Town Crier opened the event along with the Mayor Rick Goldring who also tried his hand at bowling. We had a pretty good turn out and quite a few tried, including at least 10 juniors.


January 21, 2017.
Indoor Short Mat Tournament:

Congratulations to Mark Bernstein (center) and Burlington's Phil Thornton and Brian Tallieu in winning the 1st Annual Haven on the Queensway Tournament at JJ Mat Bowling Centre in Etobicoke.

January 4, 2017.
Provincial Championships 2017

After an absence of 3 years, the OLBA and BLBC are proud to announce that Burlington will host the 2017 Provincial Fours Championships, June 3-4. In the past ten years, our club previously hosted the provincial fours in 2007, 2010 and 2012. In addition, BLBC hosted the Seniors in 2008 and 2011, and the Triples in 2013. Stay tuned for information on how you can join the team to help our club prepare for the provinicals.





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